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Our Online Courses

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Color for Interiors

  • Color Theory
  • Color, Pattern, Texture
  • Color Meanings
  • Types of Color Schemes
  • Creating Color Schemes
  • Personal Color
  • Neutrals
  • Presentation
  • Lighting
  • Working with Clients 



Curtain Design

  • Types of Headings
  • Types of Curtains
  • Types of Blinds
  • Types of Windows
  • Curtain Design Theory
  • Fabric
  • Managing Clients
  • Presentation


Interior Decorating

  • Color
  • Styles and Periods
  • Lighting
  • Materials
  • Curtain Design
  • Decoration
  • Presentation
  • Design Concepts
  • Client Management
  • History of Furniture
  • and more


Interior Design

  • Design Theory
  • Styles and Periods
  • Lighting
  • Fittings a Fixtures
  • Construction
  • History of Furnitue
  • Stairs
  • Materials
  • Documentation
  • Color
  • Decoration
  • Curtain Design
  • Presentation
  • Design Business
  • and more 
Color for Interiors
Curtain Design
Interior Decorating
Interior Design
Online interior design courses

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Meet our Experts

Interior Designers, Chris and Lee Brown - Creators of and WillowCollege

Chris and Lee have a global presence from their 15 years of teaching interior design online with They have changed the way hundreds of thousands of students now look at the world. Opening up their eyes to design, how it works and how they can personallay find their design niche in the industry. WillowCollege is the next level of design education, allowing access to learn anywhere, anytime in a format that records their progress and allows them to learn at their own pace. 

Chris Brown - Interior Designer

Chris Brown Chris has been in the design industry for 33 years, helped set up and is a Past President of the Designers Institute of New Zealand, has managed his own Architectural Company with 3 National branches, co-founded with Lee. In the last few years Chris has worked in Project Management after the Christchurch earthquakes, helping rebuild the City. Chris loves sharing his design knowledge and helping others gain the same passion he has for design.

Lee Brown - Interior Designer

Lee Brown

Lee has been in the design industry for 25 years, she has worked as a Commercial Interior Designer, specialising in hospitality design. She has been a Project Manager for Residential rebuilds after the Christchurch earthquakes. She co-founded with Chris and loves writing the WillowCollege lessons, her blog and keeping everyone up to date with design social media. She loves the interaction with students from all over the world, gets uplifted from their feedback feeding her passion to keep creating. 

What Our Students Say


"My "Designer Glasses" have been activated with blinkers, bells and "aha"-bulb to start with."

- Lianne - USA

"I am really impressed at the course you have provided and how you have managed to impart so much knowledge and wisdom from the experience you have gained over the years and yet you have also made the course so wonderfully personal and fun. I will admit that I am slowly starting to look at everyday objects, rooms, layouts etc through new eyes. I am trying to learn as you suggested by critiquing and I do find that I ask myself why a lot now."

- Lisa - Australia

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